Saturday, August 13, 2011

Kristen Stewart found it very difficult to get married in Breaking Dawn

Kristen Stewart has said that the hardest part of filming of Dawn, the most dramatic experience he lived, was the scene of the wedding. "It was my first wedding. It was crazy and weird, "she told W magazine "The experience of the wedding dress was a huge thing. I tried a version of the dress and it was like tinkering, tweaking and tweaking and changing and I was done, "explains the creation of Carolina Herrera.

But choosing the wedding dress was not the only important experience discussed during the filming of the saga. "For me, it was extremely dramatic," he explains. "I can marry, give birth, the baby has a very rapid growth rate that we are all very concerned, and I say goodbye to my father last forever.

Everything was great. Ugh, I'm losing this character, "he confessed. And that meant he had trouble saying goodbye to Bella. "I had been anticipating that final moment of Bella. Iba, Oh, my God - I wondered how I feel, "he recalls. But did not experience this until the very end when the wedding was only a memory.

"We needed to film some scenes from the honeymoon and went to the Virgin Islands," he told the magazine. "After this sequence, my true ending sequence, I felt like I could shoot into the sky at night as if every pore of my body releases light. I felt lighter than ever before in my life, "he confessed.

Today, August 13th is the day of the wedding between Bella and Edward.

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