Tuesday, August 23, 2011

George Michael confirms he broke with his partner for over 2 years

George Michael is not even a shadow of what was or could have been. The Wham! was not a victim of the infamous locks of her hair and began a glorious solo career that ended with the artist having sex in a bathhouse.

The strange thing is that just confirmed that he cut with his partner for more than two and a half years, all this despite having refused this point in several interviews. Last March, The Sun asked about it and said "That's all lies, Kenny and I have not broken our relationship." That five months later, saying lift that takes two and a half years away from Kenny seems at least strange.

And even more so when the start of this Tour in Prague Symphonica told the audience "more than two years ago that I'm not with Kenny Goss. His alcohol addiction was the reason for our break. My love life has been turbulent and I let that pass. This man gave me great joy but also much pain." Truly amazing not only what it says but to explain to the public. The same public that is not going to see him about his personal life but turn professional. We hope that this represents a resurgence of the artist.

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