Friday, August 26, 2011

Rihanna threatened by rumors of a sex tape

It's the panic for the popstar Rihanna! As the sex tape of Kim Kardashian beat all records of connections during his wedding last weekend, it's just as hot a video of the singer with her ex, rapper J Cole, which threatens to expose the magazine to Hustler adult. According to the website Radar Online, the magazine has in fact a sex tape featuring the famous interpreter of S & M, but no decision has been taken yet on a possible release ...

If the pop star certainly tremble before this disturbing news, Rihanna was keen to disprove the rumor by saying on Twitter never recorded this kind of video with J Cole, and took the opportunity to accuse the magazine to make this announcement to talk about him because he is sorely lacking from readers ...

Then bluff for the magazine? Nothing is certain but J Cole also ensures that the information is false. Yet we remember that personal photographs of the singer rather naughty had gone around the Web some time ago ... Stay tuned.

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