Monday, August 22, 2011

Zac Efron, too nice, was clearly abused by his good friends!

The very attractive 23 year old actor, Zac Efron, seems far too generous and he unfortunately learned the hard way, as often in these cases! The young man, who is currently away from home for the needs of different filming "The Paperboy" and "Heartland" has had the reflex freindly to leave the keys to his nice house in California with some friends so they can enjoy the garden and swimming pool during the summer, or this choice did not finally proven wise ....

The parents of the former interpreter of Troy Bolton in the telefilm "High School Musical" aired on Disney Channel for Young warned their sublime son on the road that the house was literally torn his "so-called" friends worthy of confidence, they said "it seems that a bomb exploded in the house." That's a metaphor that gives an idea of the state of cleanliness which must be owned by the former boyfriend of Vanessa Hudgens! "His friends were all dirty, the floor is covered with food, bottles and cans as well as towels," said a source.

After being informed of the situation, the actor, who is currently shooting with Nicole Kidman and Matthew McConaughey in the erotic thriller "The Paperboy" directed by Lee Daniels, decided to change the locks on his house in order be sure that his friends, apparently uncouth, do not complete their work of devastation.

It can be good without being pear pitcher so far! It is not easy for stars who have clear advantages to surround himself with trusted people, at the same time to choose his friends remains a difficult task even for the average person, what do you think? Hopefully these inconveniences do not undermine its focus on film sets in New Orleans (Louisiana) where he does not hesitate to wet the shirt to the needs of his next role, which seems more invigorating and should mark a turning point in his film career!

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