Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Amy Winehouse: a posthumous album by the end of the year?

Not surprisingly, the voice of Amy Winehouse continues to inflame our hearts and bring happiness to our ears, long after his death. Indeed, the Telegraph reports that there are enough new songs to give birth to not one but three new discs that come out so posthumously. A straw for Amy Winehouse, who gave us only two studio albums during his career - Frank and Back to Black.

In any case, be aware that the artist has disappeared too soon working on his third album, before the terrible tragedy. Of course and as often when someone as talented dies too soon, the family decides whether or not these new artistic creations will emerge. Here are the parents of Amy Winehouse who must give the green light.

To please the many fans still sad, it's a safe bet they will not hesitate long. And some even suggest the end of the year to discover the songs prepared us Amy Winehouse. Therefore, it will probably wait a bit.

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