Monday, February 28, 2011

Amparo Muñoz actress dies

The actress Amparo Muñoz, Miss Universe was proclaimed, the first Spanish and only one to receive this award, died on Sunday night at age 56 in Malaga. According to a statement issued by his brother, Pedro Muñoz, former model and actress died "after a long illness and was always surrounded by his family, which calls for absolute privacy at the funeral," he said.

Amparo Muñoz achieved notoriety in the 70s to be elected Miss Costa del Sol and Miss Spain in 1973 and a year later, on July 22, 1974, was crowned Miss Universe pageant held in Manila (Philippines), making in the first Spanish woman to this title. After that his life has been marked by controversy beginning with the reign of Miss he resigned a few months for not wanting to feel manipulated.

And from there was the springboard to become a whole muse of Spanish cinema in the era of the breakout. Working with producer José Luis Dibildos in his first film "Marriage" (1973), directed by and starring Roberto Bodegas Ana Belén, José Sacristán Alfredo Mayo. Next came other more and in 1976 met Patxi Andino, her first husband.

The life of the actress was marked by the world of drugs and everything since he began frequenting 'bad company' and hazardous substances. Separated from Andión, is related to Elijah Querejeta and eventually married a Chilean, Flavio Labarca, antiques and charged with drug trafficking, and Amparo main culprit that had gone into a spiral of drugs.

It can therefore say that the life of Amparo Muñoz has been plagued by light and shadow.

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