Sunday, February 27, 2011

Marisa Jara is separated from Chente Escribano

The model Marisa Jara takes a month and a half in London where there for work and for Heart Today Beatriz Cortázar in ten days ago that she realized that her marriage to Chente Clerk had no future. The couple married in September 2009 in Ibiza after only four months into the relationship and the former Joaquin Cortes spoke of her husband as the man in your life, but a year and a half has told a close friend who is no longer Chente love.

Furthermore, she added they'd rather break your link now before you spend more time and be much more difficult. What is very clear and you think your marriage has no future. Because of work Chente Escribano travels a lot to Mexico as it increased the distance between the couple not long ago said they wanted to be parents.

The model had an abortion that went into a great sorrow to both. However, Marisa progress to the UK has changed the lives of the girl who is considered separately, but have not yet led to legal terms. Her husband did not give up and tried to win back the Andalusian with several trips to London, but it seems that she is sure of his decision.

Marisa Jara became known for his relationship with former Idol contestant who lasted four years, then spent a year with dancer Joaquin Cortes.

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