Saturday, February 26, 2011

Christina Aguilera out of control and alcohol problems

It seems that something is wrong in the life of Christina Aguilera in recent times has gone through his divorce with Jordan Bratman, and their recent appearances have played a trick, since that is still talking about the big blunder singing the U.S. anthem at the Super Bowl. Nor should we forget his new love affair Rutler Matt, whom they blame for the singer is out of control in recent weeks, it becomes worrisome state.

So many episodes in which speakers guarantee that even might be having some problems with alcohol. In several appearances in the press talking about his latest film 'Burlesque' say they went a little past in Drinking to the point that her boyfriend has had to make several blunders. Also, tell your friends who are sick of her and her loss of control and their 'antics' and also talk of strong anger with his mother the night of New Year and another episode of being so drunk as he gave Cuba to mourn in a pub in Los Angeles.

And the last thing that broke the glass drop, has been starring in a sex scene with her boyfriend in the bathroom during a party (with alcohol) in his mansion. Therefore, her friends begin to truly care about the health of the singer as well as adding to it with the drink, and think it continues this way, can end badly.

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