Friday, February 25, 2011

Robert Pattinson is lonely and adopts a stray dog

It's funny to think that being one of the most desired by many women and certainly many friends and his alleged partner Stweart Kristen, Robert Pattinson sits alone and has therefore decided to adopt a dog who curiously was to be sacrificed. It appears that Pattinson is sick of that when you scroll to the film set one to accompany you as your friends tell you not part of his entourage and of course can not accompany the long months of filming.

It is understood that this group of friends outside the big screen and everyone has their different professions or obligations. Therefore, the young performer of the 'Twilight Saga', a great lover of animals, decided to stop by the pound and adopt a beautiful puppy that will supply the absence of their friends in the long days of filming and so do not feel alone in times when you need company.

The little puppy is already living with the actor and are staying at the hotel in Vancouver, where shooting is back with the rest of the cast, the first 'Dawn'. Just landed this week and he did with his co-star Kristen in a private plane, remember that it had injured a hand. The strange thing is that although they came together, they went their separate customs.

Evidently there was a cloud of photographers waiting for the couple and maybe it made the red herring play as they always do, and thus avoid being photographed together. Kristen left protected by a bodyguard and Pattinson, he did so quietly as if history was not with him.

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