Monday, February 28, 2011

The Caesar backstage

After a night a little placid, based trophies, rhetoric, party still saved by the show made in Antoine de Caunes, celebrities present at Caesar made their way in Club Case, executive Fouquet's for a drunken night out! And while Valerie Lemercier was keen to keep up with her for the ghost of Gerard Nanty, head of Mathys, prince of Parisian nightlife died a few weeks ago, the actress failed to close the shop with Quentin Tarantino, life and soul Train-shaped especially Friday night.

Both players have far exceeded the permission of midnight and set fire to the evening. On the menu this evening VIP creamy lobster and celery, medallion of veal jus roti and Gianduja chocolate cake and crunchy hazelnuts. Yum yum! Something to drool!

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