Saturday, February 26, 2011

Raquel Bollo, hard battle with a friend Chiquetete

If last Thursday appeared in Journal Save me, a friend of Chiquetete to discuss the past and cited Raquel Bollo flinch just saying that you knew nothing, same thing happened yesterday afternoon in the studios of Tele 5 and that calm anger and turned the situation almost did not end in tragedy. Then tell you all.

Paz Padilla had to deal with the following situation, Raquel Bollo arrive to prepare for the Deluxe and went to the clubhouse where is this supposed friend of her ex-husband, Manuel, after broach a "whore whore will have been your mother," begins a tremendous anger in the also immersed Luis Rollan.

Padilla seeks help from the security and what is turning into a hellish scene. Kiko Matamoros, Kiko Hernández and go backstage to reassure a Bun suffered an attack of hysteria in the making. While the friend had commented that he had said "I know all Seville" and that was the subject of time.

After doubted the paternity of the eldest son of Raquel Bollo, she said, "I have taken 10 years fighting for the issue of abuse and have never asked for help from anyone or to enter the phone in a program. I had the support of my family and the family of my ex-husband who is in Algeciras.

" "To question the paternity of my son who is 16, makes me toss and I remember the entire cast of this scoundrel who comes to take the money, which has no evidence and which must prove what he says" . "I have not destroyed Chiquete life, he did cocaine. Antonio can not come because it takes 6 years without paying child support and money would seize it.

This is a friend of Chiquetete of times when I was his girlfriend Carmen Gaona. " "I was 17 when I started Chiquetete, I had no boobs at 16, do not know what I was going to play." The aforementioned comments that "I just said you knew when you were alternating." Bollo said that "He who came to the houses of prostitution and rehabilitation centers was you." "You are a swallowing" said Young.

"I was not a bitch, I bitch for putting up with Chiquetete" he replied. "The accusations you are making me go to you also have to prove to the judge," said the IMF. "You want the money to buy a gram when you leave here," another complaint over "said the young man. The deceased sat on the couch in the interviews to come forward.

These were the highlights of his speech after battling all Sálvame journalists. Raquel Bollo: "You called me a prostitute and a prostitute has more respect than you. She earns money with her pussy and you ruined me. " "You're putting Chiquetete of bastard, I do not think you're doing you a favor." Luis Rollan: "To be there must be informed and not being a heartless as you are." Manuel: "Chiquetete is the great unknown in Spain, this lady has destroyed." And so it went, neorealism XXI century leads to the Premio Ondas 2010 to get into this kind of mess.


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