Monday, February 28, 2011

Serge Gainsbourg: Caesar, TV, radio, he is everywhere

It is a priori a chance, but the coincidence is noteworthy. Just a few days of commemoration of the twenty years since the death of Serge Gainsbourg, members of Academy of arts and film techniques have reward Gainsbourg, Heroic Life. The film has received three Caesar. First with Eric Elmosnino, which was awarded in the category "Best Actor" for his interpretation of Serge Gainsbourg.

Other Cesar, for best first film for Joann Sfar. The triple came with the statuette award for the "Best Sound". In all cases, the awards were held to pay tribute to the family and the singer. Beyond the legitimate reward, the world of cinema has obviously wanted to take this opportunity to pay tribute to this great man of song.

On TV and radio if the fans of Serge Gainsbourg fans were delighted cinema, music lovers are not neglected, since a giant compilation has been completed. There are twenty CDs, containing all the songs from the gypsy singer, recorded between 1958 and 1991. And surprise, several unreleased tracks and duets unlikely.

And finally, television should not ignore the small screen lovers. Even if the programs should be upset because of the disappearance of Annie Girardot, Serge Gainsbourg will also be honored. Les Victoires de la Musique will pay tribute to the singer on March 1, the eve of the twenty years since the death of the singer.

The same day, France 3 will broadcast the documentary "Gainsbourg and women" by Didier Varrod. Yesterday, Arte has spent his evening at the little Lucien became the great Serge. The same day, Europe1 devote all of its programs to the singer, declining each of its broadcasts.

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