Monday, February 28, 2011

Who wants to marry my son - Samira finds love away from Giuseppe

Giuseppe, the phenomenal macho Who wants to marry my son?, Lit Friday night on TF1, the unforgettable character. He abandoned the beautiful Samira on the words of his mother after having spent the ring finger on the boards of Deauville. A few months after the end of the show was broadcast, Samira decided to confide about his experience at MFM radio microphone, not sparing his former infatuated suitor: "He is a character that has marked the adventure.

He was rude to the candidates. It's inappropriate to talk like that. " Brown spurned the disappointment would not be able to settle accounts with the son to mom to Italian origins. The radio cited a recent remark by Giuseppe who said Samira had disappointed him by showing her panties on her birthday.

Those who asked for New Look responds simply: "I wait in front of me to tell me that!" If Kadija now bears the child of our macho leader, Samira does not mean the loser. Come on the show with the sole purpose of finding love today it can claim victory: "I met the love recently. He is very good." Some details about the man of her heart? It would be a former member of Temptation Island.

A couple promising. Apart from the great love, how the future is looming for Samira: "I would like, why not incorporate Angels of reality TV." Why not? NRJ 12 count indeed back cover with this issue, bringing together former candidates of reality shows. Good news! We should soon return to brunette Samira rise more than ever.

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