Friday, February 25, 2011

Zahia in the skin of Brigitte Bardot!

We do not know what the former thinks blonde icon whose beauty was immortalized by Bunuel, Godard and Vadim, among others ... In any case, the escort girl of almost 19 years, Zahia, displays a natural photogenic taking a break for American V fashion magazine, reproduced on the cover of the Spanish edition.

In Vichy alluring pink jersey, the crimped blond hair and smoky eye, Zahia monkey star of the 1960s perfectly. It is a French designer who recently crossed the blonde by whom the offense came, by chance, in Paris and who had the idea for this shoot. Passing the word to U.S. editor of V, Stephen Gan, the latter exclaimed: "She's just the 8th wonder of the world! Not worship the history of bad girl became an angel?".

And now the transformation started. The inside pages, we discover the escort magnified by the lens of photographer Sebastian Faena in a retro atmosphere, with trench coat and stilettos. Scandal and lead to all the beauty, the future of the luscious blonde is it renewed through this glorious shoot? We can already imagine Zahia Dehar cinema ...

What do you think?

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