Saturday, February 26, 2011

Victor Sandoval says on the box to be divorced from Nacho Polo

On Friday night, Victor Sandoval faced Deluxe Box. The partner program that is in a delicate and emotional health after being bitten by a spider and "abandoned" by her husband of living apart since April last year when Miami was Nacho and he returned to Spain to be . When incorporated to Save me, leaving this topic and comment, beginning to form a ball which ended with a polygraph and the displacement of a program team to talk with Nacho Polo.

In The Box, Victor was facing a childhood different from other children, with very elderly parents, siblings old enough that he and a nonexistent relationship with his brother. A humble childhood and adolescence living in the basement of the farm that his father was a janitor until 1987 when he went to live with Nacho Canut.

Both he and de Olvido Gara, Alaska, spoke and expressed wonder that the most important woman in his life and that she was created to Victor Sandoval. He also commented that he had spoken with Patricia Perez, his partner in Mamma Mia Telemadrid, and had arranged his situation. Among the most controversial of the night, was the story of his discovery of sex at age five with his first save of 13 or 14 years.

On his relationship with Nacho Polo claimed that failed since 2006 and it was considered her father over her partner and that seen after the Fund had realized that she wanted to divorce her husband because it is not love. It also spoke of his lack of affection with others and how somatization everything that happens, what has caused numerous health problems throughout his life and who also has her dog Casper, who did not get rid of nervousness constantly living in his partner.

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