Friday, February 25, 2011

Charlie Sheen rolling again and canceled CBS series "Two and a Half Men '

It seems that Charlie Sheen issue with CBS and the series 'Two and a Half Men' was all a chronicle of death foretold. From the popular and best paid actor of television saw embroiled in a scandal after another and ultimately finish the picture, the series has an uncertain future. So CBS has had to take a drastic decision.

Cancel the popular series, for the moment, sick of the bad behavior of the actor and they have communicated with a brief note. Based on the "behavior, conduct and condition" of Sheen. So far the suspension would be for the remainder of the season "more or less says the statement. Since Sheen returned from his latest scandal that led him to a rehabilitation therapy at home.

The series hung in the balance with consequent losses being generated by the 'pated' and yet the producers sought the best solution, but few showed the support for the actor. Until Sheen rolling again while the team was preparing for the return of the star on the series, wanted to record at least four episodes of this season, the most recent statements has been the drop that overflowed the glass for CBS.

In a fit of ego up, and in an interview with Alex Jones, the interpreter so pancho said that "I was told that if he continued with the attacks cancel the show so I'm really looking to see if what they say is true." Not satisfied continued and this time went to series creator Chuck Lorre calling him a clown and making sure that if he, the series could not continue.

"Watch this audience, guys. Watch your audience stupid. Do what you have to do, I'm going to make films with big stars and will not work with idiots, "added the actor. Therefore, a few hours of such stupid statements, the chain sent the statement, therefore Sheen's wishes have been fulfilled and the threats of CBS as well.

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