Friday, February 25, 2011

Michel Polnareff: It responds to criticism

Earlier this week, we learned that the wife of Michel Polnareff had "betrayed" by using a sperm donor to conceive Volodya, the singer thought was his biological son. An announcement by the voice of the star, or rather through her Facebook. Soon the news was repeated in various media, accusing some journalists Michel Polnareff have wanted to do a "little stunt." Things that have deeply hurt the singer, who has not failed to say in the columns of Gala.

"I must admit that I am appalled by some written" he confesses. "I know we live in a world where only evil is free, but how can we take a personal tragedy for a commercial operation and / or advertising? "Subsequently, those who were surprised that he told the drama on the sharing network Facebook, he replied:" It is my habit to first connect with "friends" of the wall.

And I respected that tradition. " There is no doubt that following this, Michel Polnareff will be a small gap in his "Facebook friends" and will think twice before accepting a request!

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