Friday, February 25, 2011

Prince William: Harry provides him a bachelor party bachelor party!

This is a day that William will be remembered! On the eve of his highly publicized marriage with Kate Middleton, Prince goes, as all men have to bury his bachelor life. And as is tradition, the groom's best man is responsible for organizing, but this is another Harry, the younger brother of William. And it is famous for how fun! He has planned for his senior and his friends go on a weekend in southern England, between men, and has planned many activities.

At first, the horde will be happy racing speedboats, water skiing and wakesurfing. This, before embarking on a pub crawl that looks epic. And to have a bit of tranquility, Harry would, according to The Sun, chose areas accessible only by boat! A trip that should cost £ 100 per person, nearly 120 € per head, William had forbidden, in order not to be criticized, and his brother plan a trip abroad.

Remember that Harry had originally opted for a trip in the French Alps.

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