Saturday, February 26, 2011

Secret Story: Julie and Senna, a fake couple?

Like every week, candidates of the latter are the headlines and many people magazine. Notably, the couple formed by Senna and Julie, who is the subject of two front pages, one of the other of. And, surprisingly, both magazines offer two stories are diametrically opposed. Thus, the first suggests that the pretty brunette with blue eyes would be with Senna for notoriety, it has still not left her fiance Lyon, which she attended even before the adventure.

But do not bother to lament for "Black Mamba" since the latter would be in cahoots with the young woman. The two former "lofters" TF1 were not displayed together for the money, the latter being highly paid for their false "paparazzades. What question interview with Julie appeared in Public, where it made an apology for her alleged boyfriend: "I like its quiet, serene, fun and no headaches.

And then he must admit he has a perfect body! (...) Between us, it's ecstasy! Our bodies are full of alchemy! "Said the latter. Better, she took the opportunity to deal a further blow to Amelia, with whom he is well known that it is far from friend: "Between Senna and me, there is no question of marriage, no baby plastic.

We do not take the lead and we are great together. (...) I'm cool. I do not cry. I argue in themselves projects. I reassured him. I'm not jealous. . Info ou intox?

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