Saturday, February 26, 2011

Jessica Simpson, losing weight and arguing with her boyfriend

Jessica Simpson is losing weight in a rush after the ultimatum given by Eric Johnson, her boyfriend. The girl is 30 years in the beautiful town of Cabo Cantina to achieve this healthy goal, but not everything is perfect in life. According to eyewitnesses, the singer was chatting animatedly with her fiance and other artists.

After starting the night went smoothly artist margarita after margarita drinking until it was bordering on the ridiculous. So much so that Eric himself rose from the table and went to his room. While Jessica tried to downplay the issue discussed other aspects, eyewitnesses suggest that the couple does not get as good as it may seem at first.

The artist claimed that "now is not training to lose weight is that I always have and I always felt good to do so. We could say that a marriage in good shape. " What seems evident is that Jessica does not stop hitting or sentimental or personal, if not an ultimatum is a fight and when not to let a fool for any reason not specified.

We only hope that the singer before marrying account what kind of man is Johnson and what to expect with him.

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