Friday, February 25, 2011

Christian Dior John Galliano suspended after being arrested for racial abuse

The creative director of Dior women's line, the renowned designer John Galliano has been mounted in Paris and has been arrested after having symptoms of drunkenness, assault and anti-Semitic insults throw a couple who was on a terrace in the Paris suburb of Le Marais . Although details are contradictory because it is not clear why the dispute and if the famous designer knew the couple who attacked her with insults, Galliano had to spend the night in police mostly waiting for the pass is drunkenness and to make the declaration.

Authorities before being released, he was transferred to a hospital to check his health, although at the station made him the breath test, which gave a rate of 1.1 percent of alcohol in blood by breathing. The news clearly has crossed beyond the catwalk. As the leading designer of Dior, not used to doing a great social life and is known for this rather limited as it is always immersed in his collections, not those that demands their commitment to the French maison or your own signature.

By the time Dior has not made any statement on the incident is expected to do at any time. But all this comes at the same time as it was known that the British model Kate Moss, which Galliano went first to a gateway, said that Galliano is in charge of preparing her wedding dress, so much the better kept secret by every bride, and it is not.

Late Note: Dior as announced Le Figaro has uspendido Galliano as creative director until investigations are completed.

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