Friday, February 25, 2011

Lindsay Lohan: The prison seems inevitable

In early February, was once called to appear before the American courts for a new case: the theft of a necklace worth $ 2,500 in jewelry. At the bar, the pretty blonde has pleaded not guilty, and came out free after posting bail of $ 40,000. Meanwhile, LiLo proclaimed his innocence through his Twitter account: "I do not steal, where people might wonder.

I was not educated to lie, cheat, or steal. I just want to start to turn, and be quiet to work! "She said. This February 23, Lindsay was again called to appear for the same story for a second hearing. And immediately, Judge Keith Schwartz has made clear it would be difficult for the star to avoid jail with notoriety.

"I do not care that you're Lindsay Lohan 'Has he even exclaimed against LiLo. While the fair was trying to defend himself, he has virtually destroyed any hope of avoiding the cell: "You will be treated exactly the same way as any other person. This case involves a stay in jail, end of story.

If you plead not guilty before me, you'll go to jail, I tell you. But we can discuss the length of the sentence. "The case has again been postponed until March 10, when LiLo is expected to unveil his defense strategy: trying to find common ground with the Judge (who might offer, according to U.S.

sources, to do only 6 months in jail), or continue to plead not guilty, go to trial and risk up to three years behind bars ...

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