Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lady Gaga possible godmother's son Elton John

Of course it could be the perfect godmother if finally confirmed the pop diva could exercise it, for the son of Elton John and his husband David Furnish Furnish the small Zachary-John. An adoption which captured many headlines both for and against, even in some countries was censored the cover, and if now is the godmother Lady Gaga continue grabbing more headlines.

Since there are some areas very puritanical, yet these issues as they do not get along very well. It was precisely Elton's husband who dropped it and not like things in a recent interview. So from there the rumors have continued with more intensity. According to Furnish says are moving all the threads needed for the singer, gay icon, plays an important role in the life of your child.

Obviously it is not a confirmation that the very Furnish told reporters: "We have not publicly confirmed but your sources are very good. Prefer not to comment because it will make a statement later on sponsors. " So wait at official statement, but where there's smoke, we know that many times is because there is fire.

If you really Gaga accepts as interesting proposal, we are confident that the day of the ceremony will be something to remember in the annals of history, little Zachary could not have a better sponsor, and if we consider that lately has been sponsoring children between famous, you can almost ensure that the pop diva will accept.

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