Sunday, February 27, 2011

Jennifer Lopez collapsed to transfer a candidate from American Idol

Chris Medina was the candidate preferred by Jennifer Lopez, board member of American Idol. But the singer was forced to announce his departure from the show. "It breaks my heart to have to sincerely tell you this, but the adventure stops there for you." First Fit, Jennifer Lopez broke down in tears, having to be consoled by the other two board members, Steven Tyler, lead singer of Aerosmith, and Randy Jackson, a music producer).

Bewildered We thought this would be a short sentence. Well no! In a radio broadcast the next day, Jennifer Lopez confided: "I was really upset. I could not believe that I must announce such news to this person that I loved so much. I felt I did not do well. He took it with such class and with such dignity that it made my task more difficult.

" A personal story touching Beyond the boy's talent is his story that hit Jennifer Lopez. Chris Medina deals in effect for several months of his girlfriend, disabled. The girl has indeed survived a terrible car accident, but must now live in a wheelchair. But it's not just Jennifer Lopez have been sensitive to the tragedy experienced by the young singer.

Viewers as well. He received from them a van for the disabled and nearly $ 30,000. An act of generosity that reality TV shows that can sometimes be good. That will comfort Jennifer Lopez!

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