Sunday, February 27, 2011

Between Ciara and Rihanna is war (virtual)!

It does not laugh any more between the two stars. The singers are clashées on Twitter, which is becoming common among people. Ciara is who started the war! "I cross at a party recently and she was not really pleasant, and it's crazy because I always loved and respected his involvement in fashion. I've already met before, but this Once this was clearly not meeting the most pleasant.

". That is said! Wishing to defend themselves, Rihanna continues: "Sorry, did I forgot to give you a tip?". In other words, Rihanna, Ciara has more soul than a waitress a star. Mea culpa and Reconciliation And Ciara, continuing: "Believe me Rihanna you do not want to see on or off stage." what the singer accused of plagiarism reply: "You're not a gangsta? Good luck to fill the scene you speak of.

Ciara baby, I love you, but you 've encountered so much television. I broken heart, so I am revenged like that! So sorry! " And as always, among the stars, all's well that ends well, Ciara bow "Rihanna You know I love you from day one! Your concerts, everything. Thou hast rejected at this party! Apology accepted, let us talk in person.

" Ultimately, this clash should talk to her. After all, there is no better promotion for the stars!

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