Saturday, February 26, 2011

Charlie Sheen: Would it have totally freaked out?

"I hate violently [Chuck Lorre]" (aka the creator of the series). In a phone call passed TMZ, Charlie Sheen was categorical: he hates the creator of Uncle Charlie. "It's a stupid, stupid little man, and a lousy that I would never want to look like. And here I am being polite. To her fans, the actor wrote that Chuck is "a miserable maggot infected," which he hopes to "the misfortune (...)».

As he recalls Charles Levine, he renames Chaim, it is equally scathing: "Chaim, at last, I spent the last decade to transform it into pure gold and tin cans you suggesting," adding: "What then say that I judge and he's trying to destroy my image in his statements? I graciously ignored this madness for 177 episodes ...

This time I give him money for his play, this worm infects can not support my power, nor support my truth. I do wish him nothing but suffering during his travels stupid, especially if it enters my space. Clearly, I have overcome this earthworm by my words . Imagine what I could do with my fists blazing.

Remember that these are my fans, not yours. We will continue together, "he launches into a tirade full of hatred. Finally, he says prepare a new show ... while the side of HBO network which, according to him, spread this new, he does not know anything! Charlie he finally lost it?

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