Friday, February 25, 2011

Lindsay Lohan, a video shows that he is guilty of theft of jewelry

Although in our country, the use of videos is not allowed to settle legal issues in the United States is completely normal and even encouraged to use them. The case of jewelry theft starring Lindsay Lohan has given rise to many statements about the actress. On day 8 the judge pleaded not guilty until they proved otherwise.

The recording made by the security cameras of the jewelry in question leave no doubt. At the same you can see exactly how Lindsay Lohan was hanging test that requested by the owner of the establishment and literally wearing it. At the moment it is trying to identify his companion who would have acted to commit theft hook.

A court source said that "It is crystal clear. Lindsay enters with a man in the jewelry, a pendant is tested and makes the gesture of removal, then he begins to distract the clerk and Lindsay takes to leave the jewelry with the pendant position. No doubt. " Lohan's defense, coordinated by the attorney Shawn Holley, faces a serious dilemma, we have gone from "not having returned a jewel that the shop lent" to a robbery neglect.

Lohan's innocence is not just Judge Schwartz, who already made it clear to the actress if she tried to file a claim was sent to prison, you should only sentencing. The March 10 will clarify everything for good. New break the career of the actress.

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