Monday, February 28, 2011

Sara Forestier's funny lucky

What we love about her is her nature, her bubbly. And freshness. And that's probably what attracted those who have awarded him this weekend César for best actress. Sara Forestier indeed been distinguished for his role in Bahia Benmahmoud The name of the people. On stage, she said, deeply moved, and visibly astonished: "It seems so unreal ...

I have nothing prepared, and in fact the only thing that I made today is that I put my panties which brings me luck, the worst is that it's true! " Virgin Before beginning the laughter of the room (though hard to cheer up), she continues: "Hits telling me to show it, but not tonight!" The lovely Sara Forestier then addressed Abdel Kechiche which did start in the Dodge.

A film that had so permits, in 2005, leaving with the Cesar for Best Actress: "I love you, I miss you, and I'll say something I should not say, but it makes me laughter is that cinema is still incredible because in your film, I played a whore politics. And when I made your film, I knew nothing about politics and was a virgin! " We prepared a speech could have found the little phrase on the pants if spontaneous Sara Forestier had not already repeated a few minutes before the ceremony.

When Laurent Weil and Ariane Massenet asked her if she had prepared her thanks, the actress immediately said she was "very superstitious" and had put his "lucky pants": "I washed I have dried, I ironed. " That, like this, we know all the details!

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