Friday, February 25, 2011

Secret Story: Stephanie did succumb Jessy Matador

If we have (too) used to talk about Senna and Amelia, their former roommates Secret Story continue their merry way, and, above all, find good reasons to do about them. Thus, the blonde Stephanie after being re breasts, had found the man of her life, and not only that, since it is Jessy Matador! This summer has ignited the Hexagon with its "Go Go", a title he had sung in Eurovision, where he represented France.

The lightning would have occurred on the set of new video of the artist, "Kariyimha" in which Stephanie was originally, do take a small role. Ultimately, the former candidate was given one of the best friend's girlfriend Jessica, originally scheduled for ... the girl singer! And not content with having been forced out of the clip, it would have been thrown in the life of Jessica, who fell in love with Stephanie.

No doubt the former participant Secret Story has made a real "enemy for life" this time!

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