Sunday, February 27, 2011

Robert Pattinson tells her crush on her new boyfriend

Robert Pattinson was a thunderbolt. A true, as it happens rarely in a lifetime. While he was on the set of Breaking Dawn, the next installment of the Twilight series, the handsome actor has adopted a puppy! In the British newspaper The Daily Record, he says it is a way to feel less alone when shooting: "I know it's a bit sad, but many players have friends just time two or three months of filming and then disappear.

My friends have oversized egos. " So what could be more faithful than a dog. That follows you everywhere, never goes away and stays true no matter what? The little dog, which we do not know the name, was therefore installed with the handsome actor in his hotel room in Vancouver, where the filming takes place the next Twilight.

Robert Pattinson then tells how the adoption took place: "It's funny. To get to Louisiana, I took a private plane. (...) He came out of the shelter and the next day he traveled by private jet. Sounds a little Lady and the Tramp ". As for Kristen Stewart, the girlfriend of Robert Pattinson, and she has a small companion show to its big wolf dog, she has adopted some time ago.

The couple should be spoiled tonight. Bruce Cohen, producer of the 83rd Academy Awards announced during a radio show, a surprise they would be reserved, and all the fans of Twilight. Without giving further details! Notice to Twilight fans, all before your screens tonight to discover!

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