Friday, February 25, 2011

Jonathan Duforestel sacred Mister France 2011

Apollo 12 undress, marching in an attempt to delight viewers. This was the program proposed by NRJ12 this Thursday, February 24 in the second half of the evening. Indeed, the TNT channel proposed to discover the election of Mister France 2011. A year after the coronation of Anthony Garcia, viewers followed Jean-Philippe, Sébastien, Lionel, Rudolph, Christian, Hugh, Valentin, Anthony, Olivier and Jonathan United States, where the boys were facing various tests designed to prove that they had "not just physical." And also just for male viewers, NRJ12 appealed to Clara Morgane in Mistress of Ceremonies.

Tests of strength, seduction, dancing, Misters gave their all during the cruise that took them to Mexico, and saw every day, the elimination of a suitor. This, until only five candidates remain in contention for the coveted title. In the end, Jonathan Duforestel, aka mict Picardie, beat Sebastian, Christian, and Anthony Valentine in a questions and answers, and was awarded the title of "Mister France 2011." And this, far ahead of its competitors, according to own statements of the bailiff.

His first dolphin is Sebastian (Mister Alsace) and the second Valentin (Mister Limousin).

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