Friday, February 25, 2011

Billy Ray Cyrus and jealousy he feels for her daughter's success

Billy Ray Cyrus not only had to suffer a divorce in 2010 but has also been through the infamous birthday of the singer. After commenting that Hannah Montana has ruined his life returns to open the can of worms for your family. Us Weekly says in its issue this week how Miley feels totally betrayed by her padretras several rumors.

Jealousy at the success of his daughter, tips the paparazzi to go to take pictures of his daughter at the time that he announced, poor family relations and the background every time you like least are the accusations that are made to former singer. After the aforementioned attack on Disney and the Hannah Montana character is the same company that says "Billy was always upset when he came on set.

Never received the same attention as her daughter and I think what you're trying to do is take ownership of the actress and singer of a somewhat debatable. " "Billy and Miley have had a heated discussion because of her behavior. Miley has promised not to talk to his father in what is left of life.

That's the only reason that Billy is in every magazine possible and continually talking about his daughter. " There are already many paparazzi who have commented the veracity of the rumor which pointed to a series of tips to make pictures of Miley in different places and get more promotion for the artist.

Whatever it is, is a real shame we have to live it. Those who have everything do not know what they have.

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