Friday, February 25, 2011

Blanca Suárez, very sexy on the cover of FHM

The pretty actress, 22, has posed very sexy and suggestive lingerie for FHM magazine. Blanca Suárez is a great professional and is currently working hard in both film and television. Meat just released film Neon, the series The boat successfully Antena 3, has already been renewed for a second season and have participated in the latest film by Pedro Almodovar, The skin I live.

The Interpreter starring some very sexy pictures in underwear and says he wants desencasillarse the role of schoolgirl. Her big break came with the boarding school where she played Julia and the truth is being waged not to wear uniforms, which would otherwise occur also in the boat, not in vain is part of the crew of a boat school.

With the paper in the Oscar-winning film director manchego wants to show that can do different roles, as he did so with Neon flesh. "There are other worlds beyond the school," he says. "It was spectacular," he tells about his experience with Almodóvar. "I was angry because he was a small role, but enough to get into the story.

I felt comfortable at all times because there was a connection and a greater peace of mind with him than with others, "he added. In the interview he confessed that he likes the pretty boys, but which were unbearable go away all the interest and that his first kiss was at age 13. Confesses that he has been dating boyfriend some time with Javier Pereira, the question of sex, although there who relates to his partner in the boat, Jane Doe, who plays Odysseus, while White is also in Meat Ainhoa Neon.

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