Sunday, February 27, 2011

Video: Johnny Hallyday trusts face Claire Chazal

He was said to tired, weakened, unable to ensure the planning of the coming year: a tour, a play and promote a new album, made with M and Yodelice. Ignoring the critics and scavengers who have buried too soon, Johnny Hallyday became upright and serene face Claire Chazal, to which he gave an exclusive interview.

In privacy, Johnny opened his home to the cameras of TF1. Return expected but media surout a big scratch Jean-Claude Camus, a former producer but especially former friend, on which Johnny Hallyday does not really want to expand. Note that Johnny Hallyday has changed and is ready to find its audience.

To find the full interview of Johnny Hallyday is here! [Placeholder] type: video, [/ placeholder]

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