Sunday, February 27, 2011

Johnny Hallyday: confidences and a return to TV!

Tonight at 8:00 p.m. on TF1 that Johnny will speak for the first time on television since his health problems in late 2009 and who had worried the whole of France. The rocker's favorite French received in its new home in Los Angeles Claire Chazal, to whom he spoke at length said. But it's a new Johnny discovers that one tonight.

Refined face, eyes said, Johnny Hallyday appears to have never been in such good shape. Probably thanks to the following Dukan diet for some time. Probably thanks to his lifestyle, reviewed thoroughly. In the columns of the Journal du Dimanche, today we learn that Johnny Hallyday "does not touch a drop for months" and that "the next step (will be) the cigarettes." A good resolution! Jean-Claude Camus "no longer" Still in the JDD, Johnny also admits he was scared of losing his voice after his coma.

"I could barely get a sound out." Fortunately, she came back! To our delight as his new album Never Alone will be released March 28. Meanwhile, RTL 18h propose an excerpt from his new single, The Sweet Life, and the song in full tomorrow at 9:10. The singer also gave an interview to radio station in France.

Another secret of Johnny Hallyday, his quarrel with Jean-Claude Camus, his former producer who "no longer exists and will eventually own." Finally, he expressed that the death was close. He even confided that his wife Laeticia Hallyday had to sign a paper that allowed it to be disconnected, if irreversible coma ...

The worst has been avoided!

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