Thursday, February 24, 2011

Miss National will take an egg agricultural show!

This week, the war was Miss exported agricultural show. Thilleman Laury, Miss France 2011 "official" Endemol, Morel and Barbara, the National Miss Genevieve de Fontenay, were both present Porte de Versailles in Paris to attend the traditional appointment of France's terroir . While the first came to visit the cows Wednesday, the second made its appearance in the middle of the stands deli this afternoon.

If the visit Laury Thilleman went smoothly, that of Morel and Barbara Genevieve de Fontenay has been a little more ... folk. Firstly, the lady with hat was fun to say she looked like a cow (what are these words, not ours), which did not fail to laugh assistance. "Lorraine is like me and plus she is black and white.

I'm Lorraine as the cow," exclaimed Genevieve. Then (and this is where it gets funny), the two women have taken an egg thrown by a brutal lout! "An idiot" as stated by Genevieve. While the hair of the beautiful Barbara were covered with egg yolk, Genevieve, she had her jacket open. And that is how the glamorous side of Miss is reduced to nil within a few seconds.

After this tragic episode, Jennifer and Barbara are not ready to put the pedal to the agricultural show. Farewell, calf, cow, pig!

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