Sunday, February 27, 2011

Justin Bieber prepares his birthday!

And if Justin Bieber was finally a boy like the others? The young star (whose biographical film, Never Say Never, has released the movies) to celebrate its s'aoorête seventeen spring. And star or not, he wants only one thing: do family! He said that between faure tour, promotional campaigns, on TV sets, Justin Bieber did not really have time to find his.

In the U.S. magazine Entertainment Tonight, he says: "I hope that my grandparents will be there and I can spend some time with them. My grandmother makes the best cheesecake in the world, a cherry cheesecake. It me has already made one for my 13 years. " What luck. While he hopes a little family time is that it connects its tour in stride.

Much enjoy the cheesecake up granny! "I only have four days, so I intend to relax. My world tour begins March 4, so I will prepare myself mentally and to relax." New haircut for a new life Justin Bieber take the opportunity to show its new porridge big boy to his grandmother. Because yes, the beautiful singer is not the same! On his new haircut, he justify himself: "I just woke up thinking I did not want this hairstyle, so I cut my hair.

You know, the fans really liked it, but I think that they like on principle, because they love me is for my music. " Hopefully, Selena Gomez, he has not seen since, and is not invited to the birthday party, appreciates the novelty!

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