Monday, February 28, 2011

Cristiano Ronaldo, fiance and dad yet?

And if Ronaldo were expected to arise sooner than expected? Don Juan, known for his romance with no future, reportedly asked his girlfriend to marry him. The lucky lady called Irina Shayk, she is 24 years old and has quite a pedigree as it has already been voted the sexiest woman on the planet. Oh my! But then, why such a turnaround? Just because the beautiful Russian supermodel is pregnant with Cristiano Ronaldo! Many have noticed that his tummy was becoming more room in her pretty dresses! Second child! This would be the second child for the beautiful footballer, who has used a surrogate mother to have her first baby boy.

The new happy event indeed revived Cristiano Ronaldo. According to the Portuguese daily Correio da Manha, which transcribes the words of a relative of footballer Cristiano loves being a father. They had certainly not expected to have a baby so quickly, but nothing makes her happier than Cristiano son .

And the birth of this little boy Irina awakened a desire to be a mother. " The Don Juan finally lands Irina Shayk would have forgiven all of his romantic escapades beloved! Latest scandal: Cristiano Ronaldo would have fun with a call girl well known, since it would be neither more nor less than the now famous Ruby, one of the escort of Silvio Berlusconi.

Hopefully this new chastened the womanizer. Anyway, this new enchants her mother would have blessed the two lovers, who would reach the ceremony that is both traditional and religious! We can not wait to see it!

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