Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rihanna and Ciara, War on Twitter

Rihanna and Ciara have waged a war in Twitter that leaves much to be desired. Two pop stars on the internet discussing how to market women do not do, precisely, a disservice to young women. It all started with a commentary by Ciara has been followed by responses from Rihanna, the debate looks set to end in tragedy.

Ciara wrote, "I met Rihanna at a party, was not at all pleasant. It makes no sense because I have always adored and respected for what I do and for their style. I do not think I have pleasant memories of this approach I had. " Rihanna: "Too bad I am, what is the problem I never gave you tips for closer?".

Ciara: "Ri Believe me, you would not want to meet me or on a stage or under him." R.: "Are you from a gang of thugs?, Good luck and see if someone hires you to get on a stage." C.: "All this is pure comedy." R.: "Ciara love, I hurt your comment, and I felt terrible. That's why I responded this way.

I'm so sorry. " C.: "Rhi, from day one have always loved you and I have always loved what you do. That party you threw me badly, I accept your apology and see if we talk in person. " "Mounting or reality?, Do they need these two music stars meet in this way?, What do you think of this?," Live this kind of confrontation between two Spanish artists ever? We hope your comments.

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