Monday, February 28, 2011

Lady Gaga releases video for "Born This Way 'with futuristic dyes

The day came and the hour mark it was announced that Lady Gaga music video premiered the theme belonging to "Born This Way '. All staging completely futuristic in which the pop diva is all alien mother and queen. The video can already be seen on YouTube for fans and non fans in which looks just Gaga announced, you can see a dark work, with hints of futuristic and as always something visceral.

'Born This Way', which premiered on February 11 and has been number 1 in 14 countries, makes a perfect staging of the singer, recreated and made up by Bill Brasfield, its makeup, is that practically shines stems chain in a apocalyptic time. It is the birth of "MotherMoster." In fact, the video begins with a speech of almost three minutes, where the interpreter speaks about life, the birth of a new universe Gaga: "This is the manifesto of the mother of monsters in a foreign territory in space, a Birth of grand proportions and magic took place "after the subject enters the scene and the show.

Looks spectacular passing by leather underwear and chains tattooed body and recreating a strange alien with bone prostheses in different choreography and characters that at times it is not known if a man or a woman. All brilliant staging the most stylish Gaga, therefore surprise anyone and everyone to draw their own conclusions, but there is no doubt of the enormous creativity of the artist, who never leave anyone indifferent.

What do you think the video?

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