Saturday, February 26, 2011

Michael Jackson's children are interested in the film world

Michael Jackson's children have given an interview to U.S. television where they have future plans that have much to do with the entertainment industry. Prince, 14, and Paris, aged 12, have not been released to the world of music, but it seems that both have dreams that have a lot to do with the world of Hollywood.

Something that according to his grandmother, Katherine Jackson be proud to her father. "I'm looking for opportunities in the entertainment business, primarily producing," Prince told ABC News. His interest in filmmaking was instilled by his father and is a sentiment shared by her sister Paris at which you would like to be an actress.

"I'm thinking of auditioning for a play next week," he told the young. It seems that the artistic spirit runs through the veins of the sons of Jackson, but the little Prince Michael, known as Blanket, nine years, did not comment on their aspirations. The three brothers seem to be very good and his grandmother adopted her dreams because it is something I have lived in their home.

"Paris is dressed like a camarea or anything," he told Katherine, "and roll their short films together," he claimed. Michael's brother, Jackie told PEOPLE how he jokes with his nephews. "I told the guys, 'is better than yourselves to work because of your age, we sold out of our lives-those of the Jackson Five."

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