Monday, February 28, 2011

Shakira honored as "Artist of the Year by the Harvard Foundation

Shakira's no doubt that is going through one of its best moments, both personal, as it maintains a relationship with FC Barcelona's Gerard Pique, professionally and continues to receive awards. Therefore, last Saturday, the singer of "Waka-Waka ', was awarded by Harvard University whose foundation has given the award for' Artist of the Year.

The annual prize awarded by the prestigious American university rewards the efforts of artists, musicians and writers, and the Colombian has been given for his work as artist and humanitarian and goodwill ambassador for Unicef and director of the Fundación Pies Barefoot and all contributions made through it.

The artist, upon receiving the award smiling and happy from the Director of the Foundation, S. Allen Counter urged the students of that institution, to take further actions to help improve education for children and young people from countries that are still developing. Allen Counter, on the other hand said "This award commemorates your visit to Harvard College and recognizes exceptional contributions that have made America and popular music, humanitarian causes and intercultural relations." With this award Shakira joins an exclusive list of American artists who have received this recognition.

Remember that the Colombian has sold over 50 million albums worldwide and these days start their tour of Argentina.

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