Sunday, February 27, 2011

The little quirks of Jennifer Aniston on his trip to Madrid

Jennifer Aniston promoted Follow me roll this week in Madrid, arrived with a new haircut, looked fun on the mound with his partner Adam Sandler and not quirks was great, despite being a first-class celebrity. More blonde, as discreet as ever wore in his two public speeches a look dominated by black and gold.

Shorts and tank top and a short dress with long sleeve vee neck and gold details, which is illustrating the information. In addition to participation in the program of Four, the actress was at a private party at Hotel Room Mate Oscar organized by its owner Kike Sarasola. As for the requirements in the hotel where he stayed, had a refrigerator full of drinks and light soy, fat yogurt and always had at its disposal a light Italian cheese platter.

His meals have always been composed of raw vegetables, guacamole and grilled fish. In addition to having at their disposal an assortment of fresh fruit. Among its little quirks, Grey Goose vodka, dry martini, wine, Santa Margarita, a fruity white well known in California. In his 48 hours in Spain has not had time to go to the gym, try yoga and pilates everyday.

The truth is that diet and discipline to continue to keep Jennifer makes a size 36 and that looks a great body in bikini.

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