Saturday, February 26, 2011

Justin Bieber: Her hair rise on the popularity of Internet

In January, Ellen DeGeneres, a famous television presenter in the U.S., announced on his Twitter that all she wanted for her birthday was peace in the world and ... a little hair of Justin Bieber (!) This week, the young singer was invited on the set of the Ellen DeGeneres Show, and the latter, which sports a new haircut, seems to have heard the call of the moderator, since it offered him a bit.

Neither one, nor two, the latter has that precious gift auction on eBay, where he remained until March 2. This, to raise funds for The Gentle Barn, an organization founded in 1999 that serves as refuge for abused children. Justin Bieber initiative intends to repeat. Indeed, the young man with intent to distribute hair to raise money for various charities.

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