Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Amy Winehouse: the book revealing her ex-husband Blake Fielder Civil

Blake Fielder-Civil has been married for two years to Amy Winehouse. A tumultuous relationship that would have inspired much of the album's main title of the singer, Back to Black. The death of the star, Blake was in jail and was floored by the news, saying "beyond the inconsolable." His new girlfriend itself acknowledged that what bound him to Amy Winehouse incroybalement was strong, it was two "soul mates".

Blake Fielder-Civil he had found a way to overcome his pain by addressing in writing a book about his ex-wife? The project could interest many fans. Blake has indeed portray Amy Winehouse as he knew it off stage, thanks to the many videos he had made of her. A source has told the English tabloid The Sun: "Blake had planned to write a book truth about Amy since she became famous.

When they were together, he was filming, but there are hours of film that he has not shown ". Blake Fielder-Civil wait a financial offer in relation to this project and should not have to wait long. From there one that you blame for causing addiction in some Amy Winehouse is accused of recovery, there is only one step.

But his grief at the news suggests that Blake Fielder-Civil is especially want to pay tribute to the one he loved.

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