Monday, August 1, 2011

Carla Bruni Sarkozy: a musical project with Pete Doherty?

The former lover of Kate Moss and rocker Pete Doherty and dandy the first lady of France Carla Bruni Sarkozy could work well together. Our First Lady would have established a connection with the artistic leader of Babyshambles Ancier. This is the English tabloid Sunday Mirror that the new advance, explaining that Pete Doherty and Carla Bruni Sarkozy develop a true friendship Artists', both very fans of their respective worlds.

Elegant, cultured and sophisticated, the wife of the president is typically the type of woman who attracts Pete Doherty, develops the magazine, also citing the rocker's manager, Andrew Boyd "They have a real connection." Rumor: Pete Doherty and Carla Bruni Sarkozy could record a new album together, the English musician is at least an artistic adviser.

An amazing collaboration, new and sexy!

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