Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Charlie Sheen paid Brooke Mueller drug rehabilitation

Charlie Sheen will pay the drug rehabilitation of his ex-wife Brooke Mueller. Apparently, she wanted to go to Mexico to undergo rehabilitation treatment that the controversial player considered too dangerous. Will he who pays the new treatment will be the same for which he spent some time.

Mueller was already taking treatment in Mexico that it had paid consists of administering a drug that is illegal in the U.S. and Sheen arrived in his private jet to get her out of the clinic. Brooke was only 12 hours in the Mexican Republic and Charlie discussed the possibility of undergoing treatment and quality guarantees, she was delighted. Returning to the United States itself Mueller Sheen took home and called the doctors who took their addictions when the scandal broke in Two and a Half Men.

It seems that the treatment is expensive enough to pay but can not Mueller Sheen has offered to do it and now everything seems fine. The couple, known as much for his fights as their addictions, lives a new phase in which we do not know if finally back together. It may be so or maybe not but what we believe is that Sheen is not as bad as it seems or as treacherous as we want to paint.

We welcome this gesture and hope that out of the pit Mueller from his addictions.

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