Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Colin Farrell says his son has Angelman syndrome in the David Letterman show

Collin Farrell is still undeniably the actor who wins wherever he goes. We did not know is that one of his two sons, James 7, suffers from Angelman syndrome, a disease that affects one in 30,000 children. The actor went to the Letterman program to promote his new film, Fright Night, but time did not miss the opportunity to mention the disease and encourage viewers to work together to find a cure for it.

"I want to promote Cureangelman web. org because my child has a disease, Angelman syndrome, which affects one in 30,000 births. As you can imagine the pharmaceutical hardly spend money on finding drugs for these patients because there is no economic benefit. " After warmly encourage viewers to enter the website cited commented how he learned of the illness of his son.

"We went to the doctor and asked" Do you always smile like that? ". After explaining that it was normal to start doing tests and discovered what the syndrome. "

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