Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Jennifer Aniston in Hawaii on the footsteps of former Justin Theroux!

The eternal célibattante Hollywood, Jennifer Aniston, is about to settle down. She sold her house in Beverly Hills, has organized a big fiesta before leaving anyway, but should settle down with her boyfriend Justin Theroux. Pending the receipt, the lovebirds were spotted vacationing in Hawaii ... but on a private island.

Go to a popular destination still happening, but it must still avoid paparazzi and crowds. Small snag though. It's already there that Justin Theroux had taken his ex, Heidi Bivens, with whom he was until last March. The couple would then be expected to return this summer ... So Justin, are made of recycled holiday destinations? Anyway, one of the new couples most people will be monitored from time to Hawaii on the island of Kauai until August 10.

After, back to business and intensive search for a house for the couple to settle...

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