Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Jennifer Lopez: new single and highly coveted!

Madame Tussaud is the British equivalent of waxworks: Stars jostle molded wax dolls, and Badot crowd for a photo just frozen with their favorite celebrity. A statue of Jennifer Lopez was inaugurated this week, showing the singer in all its glory in shiny dress, looking somewhat surprised. While J-Lo was in the spotlight, a small band of fans took the opportunity to declare their love to the star, just separated from her former husband Marc Anthony.

Red roses, teddy bears and soft eyes: all the panoply of desperate love was out to seduce the beautiful stone. While there already ready to Jennifer Lopez a possible connection with her ex, P. Diddy, the males of the dream world to the charms of the beautiful. It's official return of Jenny from the block on the market of celibacy causes a stir in the male.

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